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Penis Enlargement Exercises to Make Your Penis Bigger the Natural Way!
By Alex B. Marshall
Penis enlargement exercises are a completely natural method to make your penis bigger quickly and cheaply, without having to endure the side-effects of:

* Pills: many pills contain harmful substances. Pills are not regulated by the FDA, so they are potentially dangerous.
* Silicone injections: using this method can cause you permanent impotence and in some cases, it could even be lethal. Avoid it at all costs!
* Pumps: their results last for only a few minutes and they can cause lack of proper circulation.
* Weight hanging: it can lead to penis deformation.
* Surgery: in some cases it can be effective, but it has many drawbacks. You will be able to add only 1-2 inches in length. You will need to pay more than $5000. Also there is always a risk, because sometimes there are complications during surgery.

The safest method: Penis Enlargement Exercises

These exercises, also known as jelqs, involve massaging your member every day for about 10 minutes. This technique is used to force more blood to flow through the penile chambers and cause cell regeneration, thus increasing your size. Before starting the jelq, you need to wrap your member with a warm towel for a few minutes.

After that, apply some lubrication and get yourself to a semi-erect state. Use you thumb and index finger to form an "OK" symbol and starting at the base, move towards the head. Use your other hand and repeat. Be careful not to do this exercise with a full erection. If you perform this workout the correct way, you will notice significant improvement in both the length and the girth of your penis.

Are you are ready to MAKE YOUR PENIS BIGGER quickly and safely? Find out how to add 2-3 inches in less that a month with Penis Enlargement Exercises!

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